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What is AKREA?

The Alaska Retired Educators Association was founded as the Alaska State Retired Teachers Association. AKREA is an association of educators whose purpose is to serve the needs of both retired and active educators, as well as the youth of Alaska.

AKREA provides leadership in an issue-oriented, nonpartisan issue oriented association of retired educators and friends interest in education. Members are committed to:

1.  Monitoring and protecting the benefits for retired and active educators
2.  Nurturing interest in and support of education for all ages
3.  Promoting community service by retired educators
4.  Continuing to make a difference, now and for the future.


AKREA is affiliated with the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA ), AARP’s Educator Community. With over 33 million members, AARP is the largest national organization protecting the interests of senior citizens. Membership in the national organization is not required, but retired educators who belong to the AARP are encouraged to join NRTA.  NRTA membership is free for AARP members. Individuals over the age of 50 are eligible for membership.

AKREA Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the voice, resource and connection to retired educators through:

--Advocacy and call to action
--Information and updates
--Social interaction ad community service

Together we can:

--Advocate in the legislature
--Promote and protect your quality of life
--Be your Community after the classroom

AKREA Vision Statement

AKREA will continue a strong leadership role in promoting and protecting the quality of life in the educator community.

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