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        A L E R T

Those who subscribe to the audio and visual parts of TRS retiree insurance

will receive a new card from Alaska Care..BUT will need to retain the

Aetna card (MODA) because both will be needed to use the insurance.

From our Partner inHealth Care Issues:

Last week RPEA became aware that as of 4/1/16, Aetna was denying Vision claims for progressive lenses. The Vision benefit for progressive lenses is supposed to pay up to the cost of line bifocals or trifocals. Any amount above that is the patient's responsibility.

We contacted the Division of Retirement & Benefits, and were told that they had recently become aware that Aetna was denying progressive lens claims, and that Aetna has once again been instructed on how this benefit is to be paid.   Aetna has also been instructed to search all denied claims and reprocess them.

If you, or any retiree you know, has had a claim for

progressive lenses denied, we suggest you contact

Aetna directly and not wait to see if they find your claim and correct it.

Important health care insurance phone numbers:

Medicare Offices in Anchorage

Toll Free: (800) 478-6065
Local: (907) 269-3680 (Anc)
TTY: (907) 269-3691

Long Term Care Liason      

Toll Free: (800) 821-2251 

Juneau 465-4460

AlaskaCare Health Smart

(877) 517-6370

Retirement & Benefits, Juneau

Toll Free: (800) 821-2251    

in Juneau  465-4460

If your medical doctor is not in AETNA's network or your dentist in MODA/Delta Dental network

these are the nomination forms that both the patient and doctor/dentist fill out if they are

interested in joining either of the networks.



Retiree Plan Booklet

The draft document is now available on the division website at:

Following is the link to the PERS/TRS Defined Contribution Retirement System Information Handbook, it includes retiree health benefit information. Document is 52 pages long. Medical benefits are on pages 21 through 32.



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