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Alaska Educators' Historical Society

Alaska Educators' Historical Society was formed in 1998 as a non-profit adjunct of Alaska Retired Educators' Association. The project was undertaken as a means of preserving some of the memoirs, anecdotes and stories that have become the traditional memory of Alaskan Educational History. With State-Operated and BIA Schools no longer entities in Alaskan Education, the institutional memory of those bodies is fading as the pioneers age and pass away. The city schools as well have a rich folk lore surrounding the early days which needs to be preserved. Anyone with a story about the early schools or the people involved is encouraged to submit it to the Society. 

Membership in AEHS is $10 per year. One need not be a member to submit a story to the project. 

Download Membership application:

New Publication of Juneau Teacher Tales!

Monies from the sale of this book will help to provide mini grants to teachers who are currently teaching. As we all know, funds are very tight in every school district. With the help of a grant, teachers will be able to either buy something for their classroom, or do a special activity with their students.

Read about teacher's experiences during the 1930s - 1950s. Juneau was much smaller during this time.

Order from: Barb Potter, 800 F St. D3, Juneau, AK 99801

e-mail: billstoy@aol.com, Phone: 907.523.9722

Price: $18.95 + shipping  

No credit cards   Checks made out to: JREA

Listen to the Podcast!!!

Here is a link to the

podcast from Juneau

regarding the new

Teacher Tales publication

Teacher Tales

The Alaska Educators Historical Society is calling for stories for the next volume of TEACHER TALES.

Alll those stories you told your friends in the early days of your teaching experiences in Alaska need to be written for posterity.

A paragraph or a page or two....share the fun, the nostalgia, the work of being a teacher during the making of the state, and after.

Send your memories via e-mail or USPS to vewalters@gci,net or to AEHS, c/o Walters, 214 Birch Street, Kenai AK  99611. You need not be a member of AKREA or the Historical Society to submit so tell your friends.


A few copies of Volume IV of ALASKA TEACHERS TALES are still available.  It is Volumes 1, 2 & 3 plus 10 new stories in one Volume. AKREA members can purchase it for $10.

 It was offered  for sale during the Statehood Anniversary in 2009 and it sold well in the book stores and visitors’ center around the state as well as the first offer to the membership. If you missed it then, now is the time to pick up your copy. Only a few remain.

Send $10 per book and your order to

Virginia Walters
214 Birch Street
Kenai, AK  99611


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