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Membership Statement: The Alaska Retired Educators Association makes a difference by delivering value to our members through information, advocacy and service.

Why should you join Alaska Retired Educators Association?

Benefits of Membership in AKREA

  1. A strong voice promoting the professional, social and economic welfare of educators

  2. Legislative clout on retirement issues

  3. Regular meetings on the local level to keep members informed about issues, activities and projects

  4. Volunteer opportunities

  5. Fellowship with colleagues

  6. Information on issues of concern to retirees

  7. Semi-Annual newsletter

  8. Liaison with the National Retired Teachers Association Division of AARP

  9. Scholarships for deserving college students who express a desire to teach


Dues are $15 per year or 4 Years for $50, January to December, dues received after September 15 are credited to the next year.
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